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Below are some quotes on Innovation by Sanjay Dalal, chief innovator. Use them in your presentations or anywhere at all...

"Failure is the key to innovation."

"Passion is the seed of innovation."

"Creativity is the engine that drives innovation."

"Ideas is the fuel that jump starts innovation."

"Passion, Creativity & Ideas - together, they make innovation happen." 

"Fail first. Innovate next."

"Innovation & success go hand in hand."

"Innovation is the long, winding road up the mountain of success."

"When everyone's an innovator, it's time to innovate."

"Failure is the first step towards innovation."

"Innovators have one undying quality - they never give up."

"Creativity & Innovation Drive New Business."

"Innovators have one thing in common - they have all failed at least once."

"An idea is only an idea until you convert it into something meaningful. That's when innovation starts."

"More processes, less innnovation."

"More operations, less innovation."

"More management, less innovation."

"More entrepreneurs, more innovation."

"If you don't innovate, you may survive today, but will die tomorrow."

"The future is bright for innovators."

"Innovators don't have all the answers, but they have a better compass."

"An innovator cannot be both a manager and a leader at the same time."

"Innovate. Market. Out-Innovate. Out-Market. Succeed. "

"If you are not hungry enough, you are not innovating."

"A good innovation becomes a great innovation with marketing."

"It's not the quantity of innovations, it's the quality of innovation that defines success."

"An innovator is an observer, creator and doer at the same time."

"Killer innovations are made by killer innovators with killer instinct."

"Innovation must focus on customer use rather than customer need."

"Customer use is the starting point for innovation, not customer need."

"It's an innovator's fallacy to design an innovation solely with customer needs."

"Customers don't have all the answers, however may have the questions."

"What kills creativity in business? Look around you."

"Who generates the best ideas at your business? Do you know the answer?"

"Creativity begins when you ask questions, real questions."

"Creativity begins when you ask questions. Innovation begins when you find answers."

"When you begin asking customers for the next big idea, remember, customers may not have the real answers."

"If your last innovation did not hit the home run, think about your first innovation that did. You have the answers."

"Don't get disrupted by innovators who are nimble, hungry & focused, and are out to kill you by waging price wars. Differentiate!"

"Ideas plus Execution equals Innovation"

"Great idea plus Greater Execution equals Game-changing Innovation"

"Can you find that one idea that will change the world? It requires curiosity, experience, focus, intuition and passion."

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