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Innovation and Leadership Strategy, Services and Consulting

InnovationMain : Creativity and Innovation Driving Business provides proven Innovation and Leadership Strategy, Services and Consulting to:
  • Ideate and jumpstart the launch of amazing new products and services
  • Plan, develop and launch successful innovations with repeatable processes
  • Establish innovation as a growth driver providing sustainable competitive advantage
  • Create and penetrate new markets and new customers for your products and services
  • Accelerate and grow market and customer adoption of newly launched products

Our bottomline: We will help you build a sustainable innovation factory that consistently produces, launches and markets game changing products, solutions and services.

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Build an Innovation Factory - Our Value Proposition

Business Innovation Workshops

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Innovation Strategy, Services and Consulting

We have hands-on expertise in Business Model Innovation, Process Innovation, Product Innovation, Organizational Innovation, Open Innovation, Benchmarking Innovation and Marketing Innovation - all aspects of Innovation that will drive real business growth.

We offer the following Innovation Solutions and Services to our clients using proven processes and business models for accelerating the business:

 1. Building an Innovation Factory
Product Management, Product Marketing and Product Launch -

Do you have what it takes to create the best innovation process towards consistently producing, launching and marketing game changing products, solutions and services? Are you a one-hit wonder, or a company with sustainable batting average that creates repeatable innovations? What happened to your last product launch? Did it achieve the anticipated success? How do you define business success for new innovations? Where do you generate ideas for new products? Who generates these ideas?  How many ideas do you generate? How do you filter these ideas?  How do you quickly test the idea?  Who follows up on the ideas? Which idea will convert into successful innovation?

How did your customers adapt and adopt your products? Who is your first customer? Sales, Business Development, Partner, Channel or End Customer? What product gaps do all your customers see and perceive? Do you see these same gaps? How do you fill these gaps?  Did you achieve real market penetration and market leadership?  How did you launch your last product? 

Leadership and great teams drive innovation. Do you have institutional memory?  Do you preserve institutional memory?  Do you avoid innovation blunders, innovation blockers, creativity busters?  What systems and processes do you have that block or unblock creativity and innovation? Where is your business positioned on the Innovation Quadrant? 

Is your business growing or stalling?  What is causing the business growth?  Existing products or new products, old markets or new markets, old boundaries or new geographies, old customers or new customers, old partners or new partners, old teams or new teams, old processes or new processes, old business models or new business models? How do you accelerate your business growth?

Our value proposition is simple: We help you build a sustainable Innovation Factory! 

  • We ask you questions - lots of questions - to learn everything about your business, products, markets, customers, competition, partners and more
  • We establish an innovation baseline, and innovation benchmark
  • We articulate and propose an innovation strategy and plan
  • We help you implement the innovation program
  • Together, we build the sustainable Innovation Factory

We help you create and build Innovation Factory that will:

  • Generate ideas using real customer research and creativity.
  • Identify hot areas of new growth using market patterns.
  • Evaluate ideas to determine the best course of action.
  • Take ideas to market with creativity and proven strategies.
  • Balance and implement innovation portfolios.
  • Establish a company vision and mission about innovation.

 2. Customer Innovation -

Who is your customer? How do your products and services fit into the everyday life of your customers? What are the gaps that you see or don't see? What limits your customers to over-utilize your products? What is the perception of your products from your customers? How do you fill these gaps and differentiate? What will make your customers go WOW! and buy and use more of your products, and not your competitor’s? We provide innovation and creativity strategy, consulting, management and marketing for driving GREAT Customer Innovation.

 3. Product, Process or Business Model Innovation -

Where do you begin your innovation - product, process or business model, or all at once? What about customer experience? Which approach will yield the best and sustainable innovations and accelerate the growth of your business? How experienced are your management, product and marketing teams towards creating continuous product innovations? Do you have proven processes in place within the company to make innovation happen consistently? We help you with establishing processes at your business so that you can successfully innovate through operations, product, process, business model, design and management.

 4. Corporate Innovation Strategy and Consulting -

We offer the following relevant innovation services to help your business:

  • Generate ideas using real customer research and creativity.
  • Identify hot areas of new growth using market patterns.
  • Evaluate ideas to determine the best course of action.
  • Take ideas to market with creativity and proven strategies.
  • Create an Open Innovation model to jump start new innovations.
  • Create and build innovation factories with sound processes.
  • Balance and implement innovation portfolios.
  • Establish a company vision and mission about innovation.
 5. Team Innovation -

How do you create the highest performing teams that innovate beyond boundaries and deliver great products, solutions and services for your customers repeatedly? Do you have a cohesive team that works well together and produces at peak capacity? How well your managers train and engage your team to drive creativity and innovation continuously? A well performing team is like a well-managed assembly line that creates new and exciting products at peak capacity. We help you create such innovative teams through rigor and process.
"A true Innovator finds new ways to do new things, making them easier, cheaper, better! Be an Innovator!" - Sanjay Dalal

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