The Innovation Bootcamp

 InnovationMain - Creativity And Innovation Driving Business delivers engaging online workshops to jumpstart innovation at your business. Learn how top innovators in the world innovate, change and grow their business successfully, especially during economic cycles. The Innovation Bootcamp workshops will INSPIRE you to unlock your creativity, spark new ideas, uncover and create game-changing innovations, and accelerate your business.  Attend the Innovation Bootcamp workshops live, online or on-demand.

"The training provided an excellent orientation on the topic of innovation and I learned several new techniques for generating and successfully implementing new ideas. Plentiful real world case studies was another aspect I liked about the program. I highly recommend the program." - IT Manager, Top 5 IT Services Business

Learn 100+ pertinent strategies and tools, hands-on techniques and uncommon insights to unleash creativity and innovation at your business!

The Innovation Bootcamp - Inspired Attendees

The Innovation Bootcamp will help your team:

  • Become Innovators at your Organization.
  • Unleash Team Creativity and Spark Ideas.
  • Launch New Innovations with Processes.
  • Provide Tools to build Innovation Factory.
  • Accelerate and Grow your Business.


    "The Innovation Bootcamp has helped me in countless situations, not only on the job but also in my personal life. Sanjay Dalal's tenacious and diligent coverage of all the core innovation techniques and case studies has given me a more well-rounded understanding of the business world." - Business Consultant at a major Consulting Firm 

    The Innovation Bootcamp consists of Six Engaging Online Workshop Sessions (
    details below):
    1. Benchmarking and Leading with Innovation
        The Business Case for Innovation
    2. Unblocking Creativity and Innovation
        The Essential Processes and Skills
    3. Unleashing Team Innovation
        Great Teams Deliver Great Innovations
    4. and 5. Business Innovation Case Studies
        Learn how Top Innovators Lead with Innovation
    6. Building an Innovation Factory
        Create a sustainable, scalable Innovation Model

     Details of Innovation Bootcamp intensive workshops:

    1. Benchmarking and Leading with Innovation
    The Business Case for Innovation

The Current State of Business Innovation - Six Innovators' timeless wisdom
The Disruptive Innovation Gap - Five strategies to Change your business
The Innovation Index - Correlating Innovation & Business Performance - Three insight
Measuring Business Innovation Success - Focus on game-changers - Three takeaways
Innovations for the Web 2.0 Business Models - Ten Business models


2. Unblocking Creativity and Innovation
The Essential Processes and Skills

Blocking Creativity and Innovation - Four blockers and Nine Processes
Failures Driving Innovation - Five Takeaways to implement today
Developing Organizational Creativity - Twenty Five techniques to jumpstart creativity
Avoiding Cycles of Innovation - Four Innovation blunders - Build Institutional Memory
Six Ways to Find Innovation - Spark New Ideas for your Business

3. Unleashing Team Innovation
Great Teams Deliver Great Innovations

Ten Traits of Creative Leaders - Are you an innovative leader?
Leadership Driving Innovation - Ten must-have leadership drivers
Seven Characteristics of Highly Innovative Teams - Build that great team
Examples of Effective Teams - Learn how creative teams deliver - Three examples
Ten Principles to Unleash Team Innovation - Crank up your Team Creativity
Unlocking Team Creativity - Create that well oiled assembly line

4. and 5. Innovation Case Studies
Learn how Top Innovators Lead with Innovation

Business Models, Product, Process and Customer Experience Innovation
Apple - What makes Apple the #1 Innovative Company?
Google's Innovation Strategy and performance
Netflix versus Blockbuster - Winner Takes All. Netflix' Innovation strategy
Toyota's Innovation Factory - Innovation Assembly Line
Deloitte - Strategic Innovation - Edge to Core to Edge
Co-creation driving Innovation - Customers, Partners, Users, Prosumers - Web 2.0 Innovations

6. Building an Innovation Factory
Create a Sustainable, Scalable Innovation Business Model

Five Principles For Driving Successful Innovation - Key takeaways
Making a Business Case for Innovation - Strategic Plan to drive innovation
Implementing Innovation Models and Processes at Your Business
Group Innovation Brainstorm and Project
Final Project to propose, plan and create an Innovation Factory

The Innovation Bootcamp will help you:
1. Unleash over 100 real strategies, tools, and techniques to jump start innovation at your organization.
2. Prepare you and your team to convert ideas and creativity into successful innovations.
3. Make innovation a strategic business driver providing sustainable competitive advantage.
4. Enable you to accelerate and grow your innovation portfolio profitably.

Download the entire On-Demand Innovation Bootcamp ($199 value) now for FREE (presentation slides and materials). Pay It Forward: 

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Who should register for Innovation Bootcamp?

Innovation Teams, Consultants, Managers, Leaders, Marketing Managers, Product Managers, Technologists, Engineers, Marketing Executives, Information Executives, Team Leaders, Sales Managers, Sales Directors, Strategists, Product Marketing Managers, Business Development Managers, Entrepreneurs - Professionals who wants to change and excel at Innovation in Business

Why should my team attend?

Challenge your mind. Think different aka outside the box. Be innovative. Unlock your creativity. Create and generate new ideas. Convert ideas into successful innovations. Become an innovator and entrepreneur. Build an Innovation Factory. Accelerate and grow your business. We guarantee that you will be inspired and ready after attending the Innovation Bootcamp to jumpstart new innovations at your business.

Register Today for the online Innovation Bootcamp. Registration is limited to 5 attendees per bootcamp.

The Innovation Bootcamp is delivered through Web seminars in an interactive format! You only need a computer to engage, interact and collaborate, at home or at your office! It's that simple...The Innovation Bootcamp consists of online interactive workshops. Live workshop begins with an interactive quiz, collaborative brainstorm and ends with a Q&A. Our live workshop webinars are limited to only 5 attendees per bootcamp to facilitate maximum interaction and collaboration. The on-demand workshops include on-demand quiz, brainstorm through e-mail and Q&A with presenter anytime through e-mail.

 The Innovation Bootcamp Schedule

Live, online Innovation Bootcamp is available to attendees over two days from 8:30 am to 12 pm (attendance is required for both days). It is recommended that 5 people register simultaneously from your organization. 

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Ready to get started? 

Innovation Bootcamp Schedule: 
  • We will make every attempt to schedule your Bootcamp within two weeks.

    An Investment Well Worth the Cost

    The Innovation Bootcamp only costs $1,499 for up to five members on your team. This includes live, online training for your team with a Top Innovator in the nation, Business Innovation eBook used by over 1,000 leading organizations, and pertinent presentation training materials to immediately help you innovate at work (additional $199 value per attendee), and a paid subscription to our Business Innovation reports for one year for every team member (a $120 value per attendee).

    You only need a computer with sound card to attend the live, online workshops from your office or home. It is convenient, flexible and effective.

    Contact Us today if you would like us to schedule an online Innovation Bootcamp (recommend 5 people), or deliver the Innovation Bootcamp at your organization (in person) at a convenient time (recommend team of 10 or more people).

     Partnership with Top University in the Nation

    InnovationMain is honored to partner with University of California, Irvine, The Paul Merage School of Business (Top 20 Business school) towards offering the accelerated Innovation Bootcamp as part of the Strategic Innovation Class (for executive MBA program).

     Innovation Bootcamp On-Demand Workshops

    The entire Innovation Bootcamp is available On-Demand now for your business to unleash the creativity and innovation within your own environment!  You can selectively leverage the key concepts of the Innovation Bootcamp at your own pace, at your office or at your home, and share them with your team. The Innovation Bootcamp On-Demand Resource Kit includes:

  • The complete Innovation Bootcamp presentation and handouts (for all six workshop sessions) containing over 400 presentation slides to spark new ideas, channel team creativity and create innovation factory.
  • Download the entire On-Demand Innovation Bootcamp ($199 value) now for FREE (presentation slides and materials). Pay It Forward: 

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 About our Presenter
Sanjay Dalal, Chief Innovator,
Sanjay Dalal
is an Innovation Author & Consultant, Innovation & Marketing Speaker, Innovator and Community Leader. Sanjay is the author of the leading Business Innovation eBook & Resource Kit used by over 1,000 innovators worldwide including Nokia, Pepsi, HP, LG, J&J, TATA, major universities...and is the author of the all new Apple's Innovation Strategy... Learn more about Sanjay Dalal here

"A true Innovator finds new ways to do new things, making them easier, cheaper, better! Be an Innovator!" - Sanjay Dalal

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